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Taikoyaki workshop with Wadaiko Tokara – 21 & 22 October – Paris

Wadaiko Tokara Workshop

Taikoyaki has the great pleasure to receive during one weekend (21/22 October) the group Wadaiko Tokara.

On this occasion we propose two exceptional workshop days.

Those workshops are accessible
+ to beginner / intermediate taiko players
+ to intermediate percussions players

Important note: Thoses courses will be in English.



Learning an original piece composed by Tokara
Technical Exercise & Stage Presence based on the piece


Learning an original piece composed by Tokara
Technical Exercise & Stage Presence based on the piece


Wadaiko Tokara

TOKARA was founded in Nagano Prefecture, Japan by Wadaiko Artist Art Lee. The group has become a strong force in the world of Wadaiko (Taiko Drumming) both in Japan and internationally.

While incorporating arrangements of traditional Taiko pieces into their performance, Tokara has created an all new style of Taiko, where electrifying speed and power meet the groups own arrangements of movement which incorporate dance and the circular fluidity of the Chinese martial arts and aikido. Tokara’s new style of Taiko music also brings rhythm signatures from other cultures around the world to create a jazzy and exciting style of taiko music.

TOKARA kicked off its international debut with a six-week coast-to-coast tour of the U.S. and Canada, followed by a two-month tour in 2005…both to critical acclaim and sold out audiences. TOKARA has since performed as the main attraction in many events, including: Hamanako Hanahaku All-Japan Expo and the Taipei City 120th Anniversary World Music Festival. Since the groups inception, Tokara tours three to four times a year in Asia, the U.S., various countries in Europe, Australia, and India, as well as making regular appearances at some of the top Taiko performances all over Japan.

TOKARA continues the intensive process of continually reinventing new pieces and playing styles in an attempt to further develop the group’s originality, the members of TOKARA also continue to research and study traditional wadaiko pieces, and to incorporate arrangements of these pieces into their performances.

In addition to international touring, Tokara has created a unique education program of bringing Taiko enthusiasts and groups to Japan for various types of training. The group annually produces the Saiwai Shimoina Wadaiko Festival, as well as two award-winning intensive education programs; the INADANI Taiko Drumming Course for beginners and the TOKARA Wadaiko Bootcamp for intermediate/advanced practioners.

Members of Tokara

Yukari Ichise

Costume Designer/Performer

Art Lee

Artistic Director/Composer/Performer


Paris 5e Arrondissement

Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Paris

We have the pleasure to play at the hearth of Paris inside the ballroom of the institute.

How to come More informations

Registration fees

The workshop is only accessible for Taikoyaki members who are up to date with their contribution for 2023.
If you are not a member, you can join the association at the same time as the registration to the course.


Depending on the number of participants, the association authorizes the right to allow some participants to come to the workshop with their own musical instruments.
In compensation a discount of X € / day / instrument will be deducted from the registration fee.

Register Here

Please use the form below to register for the course or send an email to stage AT


    Registration conditions

    The workshop is only accessible to Taikoyaki members who are up to date with their 2023 subscription. If you are not a member of the association, you must join the association at the same time as the registration to the course.

    Registration is validated only upon receipt of the registration fee (by bank transfer or check). The association authorizes the payment in several times with a first payment of 35 € minimum during the registration. The other payments will be concluded by mutual agreement with the representant of Taikoyaki.

    Cancellation conditions

    Cancellations are permitted until August 14th. The total amount will be refunded by bank transfer.
    If cancellation occurs after August 14th

    – Either the trainee is replaced by another member, in this case the costs will be fully refund after October 20 by transfer.
    – Or the person is not replaced and in this case the full payment of the activity is retained.

    Bacchi Restrictions

    Trainees are invited to bring their own bacchi.

    Nevertheless the « hard » bacchi (made of  Kashi for example) will be prohibited during this course. Indeed taikos are built on the basis of different species of wood. According to this essence, the density and the hardness of the wood are more or less high. It is therefore strongly recommended to play with bacchi that have a hardness index less than or equal to the essence of the instrument. The interest of the instrument takes precedence over the interest of the bacchi.

    For example, bacchi in Kashi (oak) are not recommended for Taikos who are not in Keyaki (Elm) or playing with Nagado bacchi on shime is also strongly discouraged.

    Material to predict

    Trainees are invited to bring their own chopsticks (see the restrictions on chopstick types).
    We recommend loose fitting clothing, flat shoes, bottled water and a towel. As a safety measure if you have rings it will be better to remove them during the course.

    It is recommended to bring your own lunch.


    The registration fees can be paid by
    + Check: To Taikoyaki Order
    + Bank transfer: IBAN accessible on request
    + Bank Card: via our association page on the HelloAsso website (URL provided on request)

    Workshop Cancellation (Taikoyaki side)

    The organization of this workshop is in terms of budget and preparation (6 months in advance) a first for the association.

    Because of the important financial stakes, the organization allows itself the right to cancel the internship under 2 conditions before August 14th:
    + The number of trainees enrolled in the workshop is insufficient
    and or
    + The availability of the rehearsal place or equivalent is no longer assured.

    In any case, all paid registration fees will be refunded to the participants.